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It is with a huge amount of gratitude that we say thank you to the very generous donation given to us from the Sam Viersen Family Foundation, Inc. Their donation will help us move forward in our mission and our future endeavors and trips to help the people of Port-de-Paix.
Please find their page here:


Thank you to the wonderful efforts of our team members Henriquez Delacruz, his better half Cathy, and our dear friend Johnson for packing and sending off yet more pallets to Haiti in order to get ready for another trip! 

The April Clinics are just winding up and a huge thank you to those who were there and provided their time and service in Haiti helping the people of Port-de-Paix. We hope that you join us again.

PRH staff.


Hello PRH Family, I am so excited to let all of you know what real compassion and hard work is about! PRH is proud to relay the work that has been done for our PRH storage. Anyone that has been to a packing day for the trips, knows what a wreck our storage condition was in. We have had this problem for at least 4 years. We have wanted to purge outdated and broken down donated items. Scott volunteered to organize and purge those donated materials. First huge thing was moving our storage to one half the size which saves PRH 125.00 a month. Basically, 1/4th of our yearly clinic rent! Denise was able to connect with organizations in need of some of the orthopedic devices, shoes, clothes and other items. Circle the City, Sole to Soul, and Phoenix Union School District were some of the organizations just to name a few. So in short, we became huge donators around the valley like not many people have seen before. I can't tell you, how much this touches my heart. PRH helps! Not just in Haiti, but at home too! I have had a lot of people tell me that they were going to do this or that for the organization. These wonderful people went out and did so much more. We are blessed and thankful to have them in our family. To the rest of the PRH family, WE NEED YOU!!! These people were able to do so much for us. What can you do for the PRH fold? Physical help, Monetary donations, Praying for us. All these things help PRH be the compassionate group that has helped over 10,000 Haitians. We need our former compatriots to step up and help us deliver more care. Again, I am so pleased and honored to acknowledge the work of Scott Berry, Denise Labriola-Berry, and Ray Berry. Next Haiti clinic trip is April 7-21st. We have a lot of plans and needs. We would appreciate any monetary donations possible.

Haiti is a land of great beauty and of great suffering.  Centuries of relative isolation have produced one of the world's poorest countries, yet one of its richest cultures. Read these proverbs and try to image how they may apply to your own experiences and let the collective wisdom of centuries of Haitian thought bring new meaning to your life.


Ravet pa janm gen rezon devan poul.
Roaches are never right when facing chickens.


Moun pa se dra.
A protector is like a cloak


Nan tan grangou patat pa gen po.
In times of famine, sweet potatoes have no skin.


Bel dan pa di zanmi.
Just becasue someone is smiling at you doesn't mean they're your friend.


Dye mon, gen mon. 
Beyond the mountains, more mountains.


Si travay te bon bagay, moun rich la pran-l lontan. 
If work were a good thing the rich would have grabbed it a long time ago.


Kreyol pale, kreyol komprann.
Speak plainly, don't try to deceive.


Santi bon koute che.
Smelling good is expensive.


Le yo vle touye chen yo di'l fou
When they want to kill a dog they say its crazy.


Sa ki pa touye ou, li angrese ou.
That which doesn't kill you makes you fat.

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